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Information about the costs

Private health insurance or Beihilfe 

As a licensed psychotherapists with entry in the medical registry I fulfill the regulations of most of the private health insurances as well as the Beihilfe or Berufsgenossenschaft. The fee is based on the German GOP (Scale of Fees for Psychotherapists). Due to my additional qualification I also fulfill the criteria for the treatment of children and adolescents.

However the regulations of the private health insurances are generally dependent on your individual contract. Before starting with a psychotherapy you should check with your insurance company and clarify the coverage of the costs.

Public Health insurance

The public health insurance usually does cover the cost of the psychotherapy in my practice for adults, children and adolescents.
In case of further questions feel free to contact me.

Self payer

The fee for psychotherapy for self-paying clients is also based on the GOP (Scale of Fees for Psychotherapists), however, can be adjusted to the income in the individual case.

Couple and family counseling must generally be paid itself. The fee will be negotiate individually.