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Psychotherapy for adults

Spectrum of treatment

An additional medical treatment may be required with certain syndromes. I therefore cooperate closely with medical colleagues.

Psychotherapy techniques

Every person is different and needs an individual support. Therapeutically I work and connect principles of the (cognitive) behavior therapy with body-oriented methods and elements of the systemic therapy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is scientifically examined and approved from all health insurances.

The CBT is based among others on the assumption that certain attitudes, behaviors und emotions which have led to the development of emotional troubles and problems are learned through special situations and therefore can also be changed again.

It is the aim of the therapy to define leading attitudes, behaviors and emotions newly and to adapt through supporting exercises. In the treatment we will use the principle of small steps and "help to self-help". This means that I support you to recognize your own resources, positive abilities and strengths better and to activate new skills and better contact to your emotions. The main emphasis in the integral treatment is on your current life situation under consideration and integration of your personal life-story.

The requests of the patients are treated of course discreetly in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust.